SAP Data Intelligence: The Next Evolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, SAP continues to innovate and adapt to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. As companies grapple with an influx of diverse data sources – from traditional SAP data to streaming data, cloud solutions, IoT, and media – the demand for robust data integration and orchestration solutions has never been greater. Enter SAP Data Intelligence, the next evolution of SAP Data Hub.

From Data Hub to Data Intelligence to The Birth of SAP Data Hub

SAP Data Hub made its debut in 2017 as a powerful data orchestration and management solution. Built on Kubernetes and leveraging open-source technologies, it addressed the challenges of big data and complex data orchestration across distributed landscapes and processing engines. Developers rejoiced as it enhanced productivity and unlocked value from distributed data.

The Evolution: SAP Data Intelligence

Fast forward to 2019, and SAP Data Hub underwent a transformation. It emerged as SAP Data Intelligence, a name that encapsulates its expanded capabilities. But what exactly changed?

  1. Operationalizing Data Science and Machine Learning:

– SAP Data Intelligence isn’t just about orchestrating data anymore. It’s about operationalizing data science and machine learning.

– How? By incorporating the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. This inclusion bridges the gap between data science teams and IT, allowing seamless collaboration from prototyping to production.

  1. The Power of Collaboration:

– Data scientists continue to work with their favorite tools, while IT ensures scalability and adherence to guidelines.

– The result? AI and machine learning projects that thrive within the boundaries of IT governance.

  1. Streamlined Development and Operations:

– SAP Data Intelligence brings together integration, orchestration, metadata management, and connectivity.

– Whether you’re wrangling data or building ML models, the experience is streamlined and cohesive.

SAP Data Intelligence 3.0: Expanding Horizons

And now, the latest chapter: SAP Data Intelligence 3.0. What’s new?

  1. On-Premise and BYOL Deployments:

– SAP Data Intelligence, cloud edition, is available on the **SAP Cloud Platform**.

– But wait, there’s more! It’s also available as a **BYOL (bring your own license)** model.

– Deploy it on-premise, in your data center, or on any hyperscaler public or private cloud (think AWS, Google, Microsoft).

  1. Innovations Galore:

– Dive into Tobias’s blog for the nitty-gritty details of the 3.0 release.

– Suffice it to say, SAP Data Intelligence keeps evolving, adapting, and empowering businesses to harness their data.

Conclusion: Intelligence Unleashed

SAP Data Intelligence isn’t just a tool; it’s a mindset. It’s about turning data into actionable insights, about collaboration, and about staying ahead in the era of AI. So, embrace the evolution, explore the possibilities, and let intelligence guide your data-driven journey.

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