Spring MVC and Spring Boot are popular frameworks in the Java ecosystem for building EDUMAAT web applications. Both offer various contributions to EDUMAAT web application development:

Spring MVC
Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

Spring MVC provides a structured approach to building EDUMAAT web applications by separating concerns into Model (data), View (presentation), and Controller (business logic) components.

Dispatcher Servlet

In Spring MVC, the Dispatcher Servlet acts as a front controller, dispatching requests to appropriate handlers.

Handler Mapping

It provides flexible URL mapping for incoming requests to map them to appropriate controllers.


Spring MVC allows the interception of requests and responses with interceptors, which can be useful for tasks like logging, authentication, or authorization. RESTful Web Services: Spring MVC supports building EDUMAAT RESTful APIs by leveraging annotations such as @Rest Controller.

View Resolution

Spring MVC supports various view technologies like JSP, Thyme Leaf, and others, allowing developers to choose the one that fits their needs.


It offers built-in support for data validation using annotations or custom validators.

Spring Boot

Spring Boot simplifies the setup and configuration of Spring-based applications by providing sensible defaults. It auto-configures various components based on the dependencies present in the class path.

Embedded Servers

Spring Boot embeds servlet containers like Tomcat, Jetty, or Undertow, eliminating the need for manual deployment.


Spring Boot Actuator provides production-ready features like monitoring, health checks, and metrics, which can be crucial for managing and monitoring applications in production environments.

Dependency Management

It offers dependency management through its starter dependencies, reducing version conflicts and providing a streamlined way to include dependencies.

Externalized Configuration

Spring Boot allows externalizing configuration properties, supporting multiple formats like YAML, properties files, or environment variables.

Spring Boot CLI

It offers a command-line interface for developing Spring Boot applications, improving developer productivity for quick prototyping or scripting.

Spring Boot Starter

Spring Boot Starter packages predefined sets of dependencies, making it easy to set up applications for specific tasks like web development, data access, or messaging.

Combined, Spring MVC and Spring Boot provide a powerful ecosystem for building modern, scalable EDUMAAT web applications in Java, offering features for both EDUMAAT traditional MVC-based web applications and RESTful services.