We are living in interesting times, where change is no longer sporadic and spaced out but regular and continuous. In this constantly changing world, organizations across the globe are focused on revenue growth and enhancing productivity with a view to increasing their profits, to be competitive. The entire Globe is their canvas. They are identifying newer growth opportunities and differentiating their offerings to customers in the market place. In parallel, organizations realize that they need to significantly change their cost structures to compete globally.

Technology is going to be the KEY enabler for these global organizations to achieve this dual objective of growth and differentiation as they transform themselves. Each year the gap between the legacy IT and the growing demands on technology is widening. More than ever before, Business Intelligence crossed its mandate of just a report generator role for many organizations and has begun to achieve a strategic key role within the organisation. Managing and utilization the massive amount of data at high speed and agility has become the need of the hour for many businesses. SAP HANA is one of the best solutions available that can be leveraged to meet these needs.

SAP HANA  excels in effectively simplifying your business environment and transactions, gives real-time access for most up to date analysis, better insights and the complete view of the business. But that’s not all, SAP HANA provides a platform for innovative applications to be developed for the future betterment of the services or products.

The in-memory computing technology and high performance analytic technology of SAP HANA has managed to transform the relational database industry. It combines the database, application processing and integration services under a single platform.

SAP HANA provides a flexible, cost-effective, real-time approach for managing large data volumes. It helps organizations dramatically reduce the hardware and maintenance costs of running multiple data warehouses and operational and analytical systems. With SAP HANA, organizations are able to instantly access, model and analyse all of their SAP business transactional and analytical data virtually from any data source in real time.

In conclusion, SAP HANA data platform provides a rich data and analytics capability that deliver benefits to any organisation combined with enhanced performance and agility. A more simplified data and analytics environment reduces TCO whilst enabling an organisation to analyse a wide range of data with minimal data movement.


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