If you are an SME then SAP business one offers:

  1. SAP Business one is designed for the companies who are growing in size. SAP business one is known to be very affordable and it scales according to your growth.
  2. It is certified on AWS Cloud and Amazon Web Services which are known to be a scalable and reliable cloud platform. This helps your team to work from anywhere and anytime remotely.
  3. SAP Business One customers are present all over the world, help the company to grow fast, drive profits and make operations simple.
  4. No matter how many employees work at your office but SAP Business One can help you to develop your company by focusing on core business.
  5. Most of the companies do not store their database properly hence it may be reason for non-development of the company so SAP business one helps you in developing and growth.
  6. We help the employees to access with accurate and real-time information in a location hence they can make good decisions.
  7. Some companies do not have proper inventory management so it is difficult to track the stock details. SAP business one has advanced reporting features that allows you to manage all your inventory information in a single system.
  8. We help you to maintain real time data and reports in a dashboard format and hence you can able to view the status of your company anywhere and anytime.
  9. SAP business one provides end to end support and specific functionality for many industries like retail, food and beverages, engineering services, production, life sciences, oil and gas, etc.
  10. It helps to draw the feedback from the global customers this helps to improve the features and functions.
  11. It helps you to streamline your business operations and focus on business strategy.
  12. The growth of every industry will be specified clearly and updated hence you can automatically keep changing in to your new strategies.
  13. It helps you to handle even the critical data base of the business from the centralized location.


Benefits of Business Intelligence Solutions

In today’s competitive environment, business organizations thrive on data as a major catalyst. They need the tools that they require to be on an edge over their competition. The business data gets accumulated with time and needs to be mined for any insight. What is the use of raw data which doesn’t give any insights or lead to any decision making for the business owners?

Business Intelligence helps you to transform raw data into meaningful information that can be visualized in interactive dashboards or reports which can be further drilled down, up or across to come up with more relevant contextual insights.

Benefits of SAP Business Intelligence

Providers like us, JDSoft, provides industry-focused SAP business intelligence solutions available in India. We integrate industry mapped data format and their corresponding business functionality in BI tools including SAP BI to provide targeted and fast analytics, reporting and visualization formats for decision makers and business owners.

Here are some of the benefits that the decision makers and business owners quickly derive from Business Intelligence:

Brainstorm to quickly identify areas for improvement in terms of priorities and feasibility
Determine market positioning of products and services
Obtain measures for product viability and time to market
Calculate the supply and demand maps
Spot unmined sales opportunities
Understand customer and market behaviour and trends, and,
Fine-tune lead generation

An “Eagle’s Eye” View: 

Top executives get an overall picture by looking at the dashboards and score cards.

With Business intelligence tools, you can customize the KPI’s and milestones to align with your business strategies and objectives and drill up, down and across to monitor the business health across a threshold range.

Centralized Data:

Instead of collating data from several software applications, systems and sources for each BI access, data is collated and the information is filtered in real time from central hub or a properly modelled data-warehouse, thus reducing time from uploading and downloading data.

As the data is saved under one roof, it provides efficiency and availability.

Organized Business Processes:

Business Intelligence removes the complications associated with business processes as it automates the statistical combinations, predictive analysis, modelling, benchmarking and discrete methodologies. This removes the burden of doing the calculations in isolated methods and helps the business to focus directly on core business parameters and decisions.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

In today’s business world, it is imperative for executives to have the right data, insight in order to make the right calls. Business intelligence (BI) is the key to make those right calls.

To gather business intelligence involves a setup covering databases and data stores, software, policies and infrastructure. Based on the wide variety of data that the business uses, generates or communicates with, an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions are taken. BI tools access data sets and present various informational discoveries through analytics in the form of reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence or insight about the state and trends of the business.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence?

There are innumerable benefits for business intelligence. Let us look into a few of them.

Growth Insights: Using business intelligence you can device growth strategies for your organization. It is helpful in sales forecasting, looking at sales opportunities, generating leads, analyzing the markets across the globe, segmenting your customers etc. You can collate data from different departments and gain meaningful insights. Biggest challenge for today’s fast-paced business organisations are growth area identification, assessing supply and demand, measuring the product suitability and positioning in the market places. The data used is procured in real-time and analyzed through collaboration thus enhancing the knowledge on different target markets.

Address Urgent Issues: Having right information is the key to address emergency and urgent issues. Using such huge volumes of data, you can take better decisions and more informed decision parameters before the crises further get escalated. You can extract critical data from the volumes of datasets and generate reports on the go. Some urgent issues which might surface can be for example, the misallocation of inventories at different stores and allocating them. Is a social media comment affecting your brand, and if so, to what extent? These kind of questions and issues need urgent attention and solutions faster, and should not be delayed.

Immediate Ground Data: Gathering real time ground data is essential to monitor the movement of your organisation. Now you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to collate and process raw data from sales, marketing and customer support departments. Getting data from BI is easy as it moves with market events as they happen. Raw data sources by the sourcing team can be uploaded, filtered and cleansed or transformed to get the latest insights.

Getting the bird’s eye view: Getting the bird’s eye view is critical for your top management team. BI gives company’s overall performance in a dashboard, which depicts the health of your business across verticals. Thresholds and triggers can be set to give snapshot of your company’s progress against the set business goals.

Peak into the future: With advanced business intelligence and analytical solutions, you can forecast the future and anticipate outcomes. Based on the historical, recurring and current patterns the BI can project and forecast trends. This ability to forecast with data and information can lead your company to be agile and flexible, more importantly provide the leading edge in disruptive business sectors like manufacturing, education, retail and insurance.

How JD Soft’s SAP implementation processes help

At JD soft, we continually refine effective and efficient SAP implementation processes for different customer and business scenarios. Our consultants have wide industry experience to make the implementation as seamless as possible without disrupting your business.

The areas where JD Soft’s SAP team can be leveraged for successful implementation for the manufacturing industry segment are: Read More

SAP Business One based solution for Retailers

Retail industry is emerging as one of the largest sectors in the economy and has seen considerable growth in the last decade. There are multiple challenges faced by retail industry such as to provide flexibility. For example, usage of a single channel marketing is not sufficient for reaching out to various segments of consumers as today many use tablets and smart phones to make purchases. Thus, the Retail Industry needs Multi channel marketing and other innovations to address changing consumer behaviour.
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We are living in interesting times, where change is no longer sporadic and spaced out but regular and continuous. In this constantly changing world, organizations across the globe are focused on revenue growth and enhancing productivity with a view to increasing their profits, to be competitive. The entire Globe is their canvas. They are identifying newer growth opportunities and differentiating their offerings to customers in the market place. In parallel, organizations realize that they need to significantly change their cost structures to compete globally.
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SAP HANA unleashes the power of Business Intelligence (BI)

SAP HANA is promoted to such an extent that the businesses today cannot avoid it when it comes to in-memory databases. It’s nice to have, but the implementation needs some hard decisions.

Is SAP HANA is still a choice to make? Is there any advantage to the business? It costs a lot, why should businesses than go for it? Can this become a competitive advantage? These are those questions which will arise when any business want to migrate to S/4 HANA.
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Using SAP Hana as a data warehouse

Enterprises are using SAP Hana for in-memory data marts and SAP Business Warehouse implementations that integrate with other data warehouses

Today, SAP Hana can be used in a wide range of capabilities and use cases, and it is fair to say that SAP is betting its future on the success of its new flagship technology. Of course, there are a number of other in-memory products available in the market, such as those from Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Pivotal and Teradata, and analytics appliances as well as integration middleware or cloud services.
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Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

There is lot of confusion and gigs on the understanding of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. Aren’t they the same thing or is there is any difference between them.

There is lot of opinion thrown around between these terms and it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind. It also demonstrates that Business intelligence can mean different terms to different people depending on their business focus and their perspective.
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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions

It is often said that “Business Intelligence is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decisions”.

With extensive time-tested experience on Data Analytics, SAP ECC, SAP Business One and SAP Business Intelligence solutions coupled with the industry-specific domain knowledge, JD Software provides innovative solutions for the enterprise involving Process Optimization as well as Data and Predictive Analytics. Read More

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