SAP HANA unleashes the power of Business Intelligence (BI)

SAP HANA is promoted to such an extent that the businesses today cannot avoid it when it comes to in-memory databases. It’s nice to have, but the implementation needs some hard decisions.

Is SAP HANA is still a choice to make? Is there any advantage to the business? It costs a lot, why should businesses than go for it? Can this become a competitive advantage? These are those questions which will arise when any business want to migrate to S/4 HANA.

With the announcement of Business Suite 4 SAP HANA, or S/4 HANA in February 2015, all doubts should have been erased. SAP rewrote its flagship ERP product to take full advantage of HANA’s speed. This also signals that the main thrust of application implementation will be based exclusively on HANA.

S/4HANA has evolved into analytics appliance for a major platform for enterprise applications that can handle large data volumes at high throughput.

The strength of HANA is the flexibility and variety of its deployment options. This strength also makes early decision making and planning so difficult for any SAP HANA implementation. The best activity is to start with a robust implementation plan. Even this can become tricky because of HANA’s tendency to displace entrenched ERP repositories and relational databases. On top of HANA, an SAP Business Intelligence(BI) implementation will then be the right choice for the customer.

SAP has been regularly improving the platform, from adding multi-tenant database containers that can make the most out of the new hardware infrastructure to cater to even data streaming or big data. More recently, Hadoop support has brought HANA more into the mainstream of big data standards, which not so incidentally makes it more suitable given the coming blast of sensor data from the Internet of Things.

Ultimately, SAP’s aggressive push to offer comprehensive cloud options for HANA might be the thing that brings this undeniably impressive feat of German engineering to many more businesses.

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