Business Intelligence Consultants

Accelerating Your Business Process
Business intelligence services offered by JD Soft, help enterprises to make smart business decisions. We have a dedicated team of Business Intelligence consultants who have vast experience in leveraging Business Intelligence for forecasting, strategy making, performance analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, key performance indicators (KPI) tracking and much more.

We use the latest tools to transform your unstructured data into easy-to-understand charts, diagrams, scorecards, dashboards etc. with our out-of-the-box analytics reports, you can easily review the challenges that your business is facing and make effective strategies to improve its performance.

How it helps you?
Business intelligence solutions are especially helpful for startups and small organizations that are struggling to perform and want to grow at an exponential rate. Here are the ways BI solutions offered by JD Soft can help your business:

Improve your process: BI helps you to improve the performance of all internal processes.

Determine ROI of your marketing campaigns: You invest a lot in marketing campaigns. BI enables you to figure out the ROI

Derive Knowledge from complexed data: It is tough for businesses to extract relevant information from the cluttered data. BI helps you to decipher information from data and gain knowledge.

Our Offerings
As Business Intelligence Consultants in India, JD Soft have helped many companies to build a solid business model based on the advanced data analytics reports. Let’s have a look at our BI Offerings:

  • Data Compilation & assessment
  • BI Migration and Integration
  • BI architecture design solutions
  • Data warehouse solutions
  • Data visualization
  • BI reporting & analytics
  • BI development
  • Dashboard app development
  • BI consulting services
  • BI Performance Management
  • BI Implementation
  • Gap analysis
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