Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

There is a lot of confusion and gigs on the understanding of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. Aren’t they the same thing or is there is any difference between them?

There is a lot of opinions thrown around between these terms and it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind. It also demonstrates that Business intelligence can mean different terms to different people depending on their business focus and their perspective.

Though it depends on the perspective, the Google search for the term business analytics has been on the rise along with the slight decline and stagnation on the term business intelligence.

The problem comes when the term business intelligence is used it means the same thing for both Business Intelligence and business analytics and this confuses everyone. When the IT infrastructure changes, inevitably analysts become uncomfortable as they are used to old techniques and processes.

When a new term is introduced it becomes business-oriented and actionable and the old term becomes Just technology-driven and backwards-looking. End of the day, nobody cares about the terminology used, until you are able to abstract the new information, leverage it and putting it out in a place appropriate to meet the business needs.

JD Soft understands that the client’s critical business success parameters are aligned and mapped to how well intra and extra-enterprise data are available on time all the time.

JD Soft’s solutions based on Tableau especially with SAP Business One and ECC or R/3 applications offer appropriate business insights for agile decision making. Visit us at to learn more…

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