ERP Software Solution Providers in India for Small Business

Should we implement and invest in ERP or not in ERP?

This is the question many business leaders ask themselves. Acquiring and ERP system is one of the huge investments a business can make. Many small businesses claim that they are too small for investing in ERP. This mindset comes from the fact that the number of users in ERP drives the decision for the need of and ERP System.

The fact is in today’s scenario, small businesses should be fast and agile than their competition. In today’s small business landscape, no business is small for ERP. ERP allows small business to appear, act or operate like an enterprise – scale business.

What small of businesses need to understand?

Within a small company or start up the employees need to wear multiple hat frequently. Everyone needs to pitch in whenever or wherever the need arises. No one has the time to manually process multiple spreadsheets and mountain of the data? ERP systems geared towards small businesses are able to bend and automate key functions such as order processing, production and finances.

However ERP software is integrated over all departments of the company. Implement and ERP system requires careful planning, in order to minimize the risk of failure and to ensure goals are met.

This requires a standardized implementation blueprint, an established ERP Startegy, much before implementing the same with the involvement of business and IT staff members in the process. Any business can get a real ROI from the use of and integrated ERP system if implemented and executed correctly.

What benefits will a small business get from ERP?

Transparency: Instead of each department having its own information system, all relevant data can be shared and accessed by all departments. This will reduce the process time, increase productivity and decrease the human resources requirement.

Decision Making: Real time data is provided by the system. This will enable the management, accounting, and finance departments to reduce the time and make them to take vital decisions driven towards achieving the goal.

Productivity: With the increased productivity and streamlined business processes, staff can shift their focus on managing increased volumes of business. This approach will help in overcoming different facets of business challenges, and lead to increase in the business growth.